Welcome! I’m David Johnson, and PhotoGent,Ink is the name of this photography, graphic design, and fine art imaging endeavor. My background is in the visual arts. I’ve created and designed in the disciplines of visual media, starting in my teens doing show card lettering and posters, studying and creating in graphic design, traditional film photography, typography, sculpture, drawing, stage set design, point-of-purchase display media, technical art, calligraphy, and now digital media and web design.

Our family is creative across disciplines and generations. When my son, Matt, was old enough to learn about work, he helped at weddings by carrying equipment and occasionally using Grandpa’s 35mm Nikkormat to start learning the craft. A good shot earned a hefty bonus over his base pay, and introduced him to commerce. Over the years, the growth of his creative skills and his intuition about the mob psychology of weddings make him an indispensable partner in PhotoGent,Ink.

In the past decade, as we’ve traveled to beautiful locations to shoot weddings, spectacular panoramas seemed to jump into the cameras and a side body of work has developed. We’re calling this collection of large framed images USA PANORAMA. While these images are here, they should be seen full size to appreciate their impact. This page will tell you where USA PANORAMA can be seen next.

Continuing in a creative vein, my sister Anne Laird has been prolific in her art of jewelry design. And this gives me opportunities to indulge in macrophotography and showcase her beautiful work which you can enjoy here. And, since we love to cook and eat, feast your eyes on these creations.

About 25 years ago, while shooting wedding photography, I was also providing special event calligraphy. I asked an acquaintance who was a very talented wordsmith to help with a name for the business. His play on words for photography, a one man business, and calligrapher’s ink, manifested as a play on photogenic, PhotoGent,Ink, was inspired. And when I needed a domain name for taking everything to the web, photogentink was still unique enough to be unregistered.